Embracing Differences!

This week has seen when differences make a mark not only in the sporting world but in the world generally, for both the good and bad. The horrible events that took place in Christchurch have become mind-boggling unfathomable that such a peaceful country, has had the horrible, bias, racist and downright ugly aspect of the […]

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We Did It Bluebaggers!

This afternoon I received an email, which I am sure that all members received. It was headed as ‘You did it, Bluebaggers!’ I watched the video attached to the email (it is at the bottom of this article), and I have to say, I just wanted to go into the world wide web and with […]

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When Class is just CLASS!

On Saturday afternoon the footy world saw what class and integrity really is and showed the true meaning of what the game was all about RESPECT!  Carlton’s AFLW game against Brisbane Lions was a great showcase of the growth of women’s footy.  For Carlton, it was how the players did not give up and put […]

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Not the End of the World!

So far Carlton has had its share of injured players.  My rationale is that I would rather players have injuries now rather than during the season.  This may not the best run-up to the start of the season, but except for Docherty, the injuries are not ones that will put a great big hole in […]

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