We Did It Bluebaggers!


This afternoon I received an email, which I am sure that all members received. It was headed as ‘You did it, Bluebaggers!’ I watched the video attached to the email (it is at the bottom of this article), and I have to say, I just wanted to go into the world wide web and with an almighty yell and a big, fat fist pump – scream YEAH! Why? The reason is that as I wrote about a few weeks ago about the AGM and those that want to shake the now stable apple-cart, and push their own agenda’s, the club must be doing something so damn right to reach this incredible milestone all on the back of finishing last year.

Since Bolts stepped into the role and together with the Board and Administration, we are now a club that has stability and a group of passionate and dedicated players, coaches and footy administrators whose main goal is to get this club back to where it belongs – on top and a powerhouse.

To reach that milestone is an amazing feat and one that all members should be so damn proud of and we are not done yet.  We are no longer the club that everyone talks about in negative ways, but where people sit up and take notice. Why? Because with our drafting and smart and thoughtful planning on the future, we have a group of players that will be part of the future successes of this club.  Sure, I’ve said it before, there still needs tweaking to be done but that is the same with any sporting club and code.

Last year and even at the AGM, there are those that see the club in the dirty, stained glasses that do not look at the future but only in the past. They cannot see that Cunningham, after being a middle-of-the-road player, has now become a significant player for the team. Where Weitering is now growing into not only his body but maturing his mind to become a stalwart in the back. Where we are seeing the development of young players grow with each and every game they play.

Sure, there will be setbacks and that is the nature of the beast called ‘sport’ but it is these setbacks that will make the playing group stronger, more determined and ready to take two steps forward when forced to take a step backwards.

Those that want to continually see the negative in the growth of the club, will never be satisfied until they are proven right. As the membership tally has shown, this will never happen. The men’s season has yet to really start and already we have reached a record in the number of members, it will only increase as the season progresses and these negative filled people will fade into the background of irrelevancy in the growth of this great club.

So proud to be a part of #BOUNDBYBLUE!