Embracing Differences!


This week has seen when differences make a mark not only in the sporting world but in the world generally, for both the good and bad.

The horrible events that took place in Christchurch have become mind-boggling unfathomable that such a peaceful country, has had the horrible, bias, racist and downright ugly aspect of the differences in people come to the fore in such a cowardly and ugly way.  But this actually highlights the ugly side of racism and well, ignorance.  I’m not going to delve into the aspects of this, for this is a “sportz blog”.  But it is the differences in our society that make our society so invigorating and exciting and these marginalised radicals and racists have no place in our society.


On the weekend we saw what the differences in society that does have a place.  On Saturday afternoon at Whitten Oval, there was an AFLW match, but more importantly, it was a time of celebration and inclusion of our differences.  The game between the Western Bulldogs and Carlton was a game of inclusion where people from all walks of life, came to watch a battle in rather hot and humid conditions. Besides the match which had everything from blitzing scoring, to questionable umpire decisions. From a scary come-back to the final siren that signified that Carlton made it to the finals series and now play Fremantle on Saturday afternoon.


The girls played their hearts out and they never gave up or gave in and the final siren culminated in not only the players celebrating but Carlton supporters.  But as I was watching the match, I was also watching loving couples stroll hand-in-hand around the ground and it was not the male/female ones, but those who for so long have been shut behind closed doors of unacceptability in society. Where their differences were shunned.  The Pride Game show-cased what acceptance of differences can achieve and how it makes society so much better.


Congratulations Carlton’s AFLW for once being wooden spooners to now making it to the Preliminary Finals at home.  Hard fought and hard-won – epic!



(Photos courtesy of the Carlton FC).