A line drawn…footy/football!

In the past few days, we have seen two quite remarkable headlines.  One from the Tottenham Hotspurs English Football Club and their incredible win over Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League and the statement made by Patrick Cripps.


Crippa went on the radio and has said has “immense loyalty to the Blues”.  He has stated that “I’m from a pretty loyal family, and I never usually shy away from things when they get tough.”  He then stated that “I know once we get there, building something from the bottom-up with your best mates is going to be pretty rewarding.”  He reiterated that he would much rather garnish success from the ground up than slotting into a team that right now could possibly win.  He has also come out and stated that he shoulders some of the blame for the loss against North Melbourne last weekend and that he has complete faith and belief in the coaching staff.


Then Tottenham’s manager (as that is what the Head Coach of a club is called), Mauricio Pochettino said that it was the players who deserve all the praise and accolades, not him.  He said that it was the players who are the real heroes, not him.  He is a manager who has been on the outer of the Football world over there and has categorically stated that it was the players who rose and played their hearts out.  It is the players who had that mindset, in a year plagued with injuries and on the downward spiral, that just did not give up.

As Carlton are in a situation this year like Tottenham, but it is up to the players to determine whether or not they let this current situation define them.  It is obvious that Crippa won’t and that the team now won’t. To lay sole blame on the shoulders of Bolts and the coaches is, I believe, incorrect.   It is up to the player of where they now stand in terms of what they want to achieve and the lack-lustre performance from last weekend was probably one of the biggest learning experiences for every player, including Crippa. But for him to come out now and state what he did, is proof of how much integrity and passion he has not only for the game but for the club. 

On SEN, Tim Watson stated that what Crippa said was one of the most pinnacle moments not only in Crippa’s career but a line is drawn in the sand for the players.  Crippa understands that the players must shoulder the blame for what happened last weekend, no-one else.  Pochettino took the incredible win off his own shoulders and placed them firmly on to his players.  Each both understand who has the capacity to achieve a success they all want – to win.