Off-field battle – SOS vs Carlton!


Since the start of the trade period, there has been growing speculation that SOS has had a falling out with the powers that be at Carlton.  According to news reports, he is set to leave the club under rather acrimonious circumstances.  There has been a backlash from some who have started a petition to keep him at the club.  There has been huge condemnation towards the club and specifically towards its CEO, Cain Liddle and calling for his instant dismissal.

Now I haven’t written for a while but feel the need to voice my view and opinion on this.  Let me first say that I love what SOS has done for the club in its re-build and who he has brought in to the club in terms of players. His ability to get a deal done is astounding and one that should be celebrated.  However, I am of the opinion and always have been, that with his close connection to two players at the club, his sons, that objectivity can sometimes, even in people with the best intentions, can cloud a person’s position in an organisation.

I love what SOS has brought to the club, but there should be no ‘finger-pointing’ and laying the blame on one or anybody.  There will always be in an organisation those that are at continual loggerheads, but how each party deals with issues will be a determination on each person’s role and future within that organisation.  How compromises and coming to an agreement to suit the organisation will determine how these people and the organisation move forward. To lay the blame solely on Cain Liddle is narrow-minded because it takes two to ‘tango’ as the saying goes and what Cain has brought to the club in terms of its growing membership, sponsorship and sense of overcoming a bitter past to a renewed present and future must never be overlooked.  To ask for his instant dismissal is so destructive that some just can’t see how destructive it will be for the club.

I am a firm believer that no-one, no matter how great they are, are indispensable. If we accept that, then we can accept the fact that SOS is also indispensable.  Yes, he has given us some great players, yes, he has an amazing capacity to wheel-and-deal, but it must never come as the cost of making his role one that no-one else can do.

If we want to be a successful club we can’t keep continually putting the needs of some over the needs of the club.  Just a few weeks ago some were bagging SOS for not doing the deal with Martin, now they are the same ones who are up in arms about his leaving.

We have to as a club thank SOS for what he has achieved during his time in his role, but him leaving will not spell the end of the rise of Carlton and we must not ask for his reinstatement and the sacking of Liddle because if we do, then we will lose not only current stars, but we will be sent back to where we were before Malthouse. 

Understand this, I love SOS and what he has done, but if it means he must now be moved on because of whatever reason of which the media and the social media world only speculate on, then so be it.  The club is in a position it hasn’t been in for a long time. Let us celebrate this and look forward to 2020, and for the rise of the club once more and not this bickering and backstabbing that only shows others outside the club that maybe we haven’t changed and we haven’t grown.

I will stand by Cain Liddle and the Carlton FC, whether that includes SOS or not. It takes a team to be successful and not just one person, no matter how great they are.



P.S This is my view and my voice only.

4 thoughts on “Off-field battle – SOS vs Carlton!

    1. So you have surveyed every member because I’m pretty sure I never received a survey from you. And the majority of people who have commented or liked the article do not agree with you. So how did you get that figure?


  1. Cain Liddle has had no bearing on the increased membership or sponsorship. That is solely due to the “new” coach and the player group showing immense improvement. Your comments lack credibility when you claim it is down to Cain.


    1. Fact: membership numbers were at record levels before Teague took over. Fact: Liddle has been credited for taking a floundering Richmond supporter base to where it is now. Fact: Liddle has been instrumental in the sponsors we have which if you read from the club, we’re ratified before Teague took over. SOS’s contract was coming to an end this year. Fact: he was offered another role but didn’t take it, which was before Teague took over. Fact: I’ve been privileged to have had net and spoken to Teague after Bolts was sacked and I knew then he would perfect for the club. Player improvement has done much to the number of members, but the roots were there beforehand and that has something to do with Liddle.


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