I Believe In This Playing Group!

After a win in this rather unusual season, especially considering who we beat, it makes you think about not only this season but the future.  Then along comes a statement from a coach that really gets to the nitty gritty of what a find this coach is and will be, and I have to say, it gives me chills…really great, spine-tingling chills.

David Teague stated after the Geelong match that, ‘What I really hope is that they start to believe. Belief is a powerful thing. I believe in this playing group.’ I mean how inspiring is that message – that you as a coach, as a leader of the club, believes in the playing group and what they can achieve.

The statement that belief is a powerful tool is exactly that – an exceptionally powerful tool. To know that what a person can achieve is part ability and part belief and he gets that.

You can be the most amazing player in the league, but it you don’t believe it, you will not achieve the goals you want. We saw this during the game at Geelong and this was clarified by their coach, Chris Scott who has said something is not right down at Geelong.

When I first read Teague’s statement, I really did get a bit emotional, because he states succinctly what I firmly and have always believed in: that if you have the will, the drive, results will happen. If you believe in your abilities, then results will happen. If you never give up, no matter what is put in front of you, results will happen.

I have always believed in the Carlton FC, no matter what they have been through. There have been times when I have wondered about the direction they were going in, but I have never stopped believing in what this club can achieve if only the players believed it themselves.

For a coach who has now solidified the club in a way that I have not seen for a while to come out and say this, is one that we, as Carlton supporters should get emotional about. At a luncheon last year to celebrate a Premiership Team, when the then interim coach was asked to say something, not one person remained seated. The thunderous applause and cheers and cries for ‘Teague’ reverberated around the function room. It was emotional, inspirational and one filled with pride. We believed!

David Teague’s words that are now circulating on social media have more power than anyone can really fathom, because not only does he believe in this playing group, but he is making us believe in this playing group. I’m not saying that it is perfect, but perfection does not garnish results that we want to see.  

Being great does not mean getting the best of the best if these bests don’t believe, as their best just falls by the wayside of missed opportunities. Being the best, means believing in who you are, what you are and knowing that those around you believe in you as well.

I hope that the players will start to believe as belief is a very powerful tool and I believe in this playing group as who knows where it can take us. But it will take us further than we could ever anticipate right now. Belief is a powerful thing!