Not this year! Not this team!

Image courtesy of Carlton FC.

In the past close games would have been a simple case of lost opportunities, but not this year and not this team!

For the second week in a row, Carlton won against all odds that stated we wouldn’t come close, but not this team, not this year.

After a second week in a row, the need for a defibrillator was again on the agenda, but I don’t mind that at all, because it shows how far this team has come in 2020 and how we are now developing into a team where the possibilities are becoming endless.

David Teague in his press conference said that he wasn’t too concerned about the goal/point ratio, only that their pressure around the ground was relentless, and it was.  He mentioned the incredible feats of an emerging star of the game – David Cunningham. Cunners was sensational around the ground and even though his last shot was a tad off the mark, there can be no doubt about his prowess on the ground.

Image courtesy of AFL website.

The mention of Levi Casboult, a player I have always, ALWAYS believed in showed how much of an incredible player he is. I have believed his ability to grab the ball anywhere around the ground and in the air would be pivotal for Carlton, and it is.

Teague also said that it was important to show Patrick Cripps, who will be a legend of the game, that the fate of the team should not rest on his shoulders alone. That was proven last year against Fremantle and he is starting to believe it. A young man in years, but with an experienced mindset, Crippa is a true leader of the game. The way he now goes about his game and leadership on the field, proves what Teague has been trying to get him to believe, and this game showed it. A leader in all aspects and the team is there with him. It is not for him alone to take the team to a win; it is THE TEAM!

No-one stopped, and we were a man down! Watching how the team rallied and fought for every single ball gives the tingles down the back and having beaten Geelong on their territory and now beating Essendon, is showing the footy world that Carlton are not going away silently. No more so than this: Liam Jones, the unlikely hero after “touching” the ball with his head that made a certain goal, a point.!777780

That after a long time of wallowing in the doldrums, Carlton are making inroads and are back!

For this year, this team, even during these unusual times, we are not allowing a disruption to disrupt our goal – to be successful. It is this year, this team that begins this goal.

How awesome is this!


P.S. With Collingwood losing, Richmond losing, Essendon now losing…but Carlton wining…how amazing is this!