Photo courtesy of The Herald Sun

The match against GWS started with that small tingle of hope, and by the last quarter, the legs got weary, the mind got foggy and tired, and stamina oozed out of the pores from sweat.

The players couldn’t hold on or make any real dent in our once third-quarter lead. I’m a “half-glass” full person, and I try to see the positives, the light at the end of a dark tunnel. I try to think, rationalise and come to a conclusion that for me, I can understand and be content.

So, for my “half-glass” full view on the game, here it is. We could not hold on for another twenty minutes. We were not the dynamic playing group that we were in the first three quarters, but we are not as bad as some may think or say and I know there will be those who disagree with me and that is your right, but to be perfectly honest, “it ain’t all doom and gloom!”

I have stated and will continue to say that 2020 will see the club move up the ladder and be in the top half of the bottom eight. Last year we finished 16th, this year, a year where most believed we would finish either the same as 2019 or lower. They could not see us rising. This year, we are sitting 12th and could, possibly rise a bit higher.

No-one, not even most supporters believed that we would be sitting where we are now. So why all the gut-wrenching disappointment that we are not in the top 8?

Because we had hope, hope that given the games that we had won, we could’ve made it to the top 8, but we didn’t and we won’t – this year.
Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve loved to have seen the team in the top 8, but I’m not so disappointed that we aren’t – yet. I fully expect that the team will be in the top 8 in 2021, nothing else will be acceptable, but for now, I want one thing for the team this year – to give us, the supporters who have stuck by the team a simple four-letter word – HOPE!

I want to see them play these last three games with all the guts and determination that we will expect to see in 2021. I want them to play and give us the supporters, hope that we are heading in the right direction. I want them to understand that playing and winning the last three games will provide the supporters with a belief and a hope that we are going to be a club that opponents will fear, and vying for prime positions within the top 8 in 2021.

We have waited a long time to be once again a club that others fear, and we will be, slowly, diligently where we will be a club that can and does play all four quarters. But right now, I want to see the players give the supporters hope and show those who have not been able to attend any games and those lucky ones who have, that there is hope in the future of this team. Show that, and I will be content at this season’s end.

That is what I want to see for the next three games. HOPE!