Dear Mr Kreuzer…

Dear Mr Matthew Kruezer

The heart and soul of any organisation, no matter if it is a business, school or a sporting team, is what one person can bring to the organisation. In footy, especially Carlton, there has always been those players that step through the doors at Ikon Park, bringing with them heart and a determination to play the best way possible with quiet grit and love for the club. That is what you have delivered at Carlton.

As a supporter, watching you go about your role on the field and seeing you in the ruck, seeing you around the ground and kicking a goal, every single supporter at the game, yelled out the words ‘Kreuzz’.

You wanted no limelight, no front-page headlines; you just wanted to play footy and play it for one club only – Carlton. Your loyalty towards the club, the players, the fans was what defined you as a person.

I had the privilege of sitting at your table during a breakfast function and what you see on the ground, is what you get in person. Your demeanor is one of respect. That’s it. You have respect for the supporters, the club and game that is footy.

The issues you have had with your health and injuries, must have been frustrating not only for you but for supporters as well, because all we wanted to see was the big man – Kreuz, run out on the field and we knew that the ruck was in good, no, great hands. Despite the issues you faced, you carried yourself with dignity and humility, and that is what makes you such a beloved person, not only at Carlton but in the AFL as a whole.

I want to thank you for being you; for being that heart and soul of our club and for giving us all that you could provide. I, together with every single AFL fan, wish you nothing but success for whatever it is you will be doing after your time in the AFL as a player has ended.

You are what every player should aspire to be. You are one of a kind. The chant of ‘Kreuz’ will lie dormant now, but our memories of you playing will not.

Lots of success and enjoy your time as a non-player.

Love you Kreuz! And ALL OF US, love you.