Photos courtesy of Carlton FC

Racism of any form is insidious, baseless, disgusting and shows an actual lack of intelligence. To think that making fun of someone because of the color of their skin, their ethnic background and even their religion show that the person making the “comment” has no, well, class.  Then, to publish the comments on social media where others get to see it, hoping that the offending writer will be raised in esteem by others, shows how they have no “grey matter” between their ears. 

To think that, in this regard, sportspeople have to put up with, well, idiots who are so self-absorbed that they believe by posting racist comments, they look cool, clever. Well, they don’t look either to the majority of people who see not only the comments but their names and, therefore, who they are.

Our Indigenous culture is one of the worlds, if not the worlds, oldest and most significant culture. It is one based on a love of the land, the natural order and reverence to this great land that we have the privilege to live on and in. How dare anyone belittle them, their traditions? What gives them the right to do that? Do they feel a sense, an irrational sense of superiority because they are not what others are, a different culture, color, religion? It is differences that make society so much richer when these differences are respected and revered. We, as a society, grow so much better when we embrace other cultures and religions and not ridicule them.

It is time to stop the idiots who find it clever and funny to ridicule others because of what they are – not who they are. Racism has to stop with us, the supporters of this great game and call it out when we see it at the game, on social media and in fact, anywhere. I am tired of seeing ignorant bogans making derogatory comments about our Indigenous players, players of a different religion and culture, no matter what team they are on. I am tired of seeing people make assumptions about our Indigenous people, people from other cultures and religions, because they assume that they are less than what we are.

Photo courtesy of AFLW

RACISM STOPS WITH US! We have to call it out and allow, in this respect, our players, no matter who they play for, to be respected for who they are, not what they are.  Call it out, report it and don’t just sit by and allow it.  We have a culture in our society that is so damned rich in its elements.  Let us celebrate this and acknowledge them.

So, for every player who has been a victim of racism, know that you are not alone, and we, the majority of supporters, will always stand not behind you but next to you, no matter which team you play.

To Carlton’s players who have been racially attacked – I am sorry that you have to go through your lives knowing that there are those out there who do not deserve to walk either behind, next to or in front of you. They are not worthy, not even close. But you have mine and the majority of supporter’s respect and admiration because you will not let them win by defeating you with their disgusting words. Don’t let them. You are better than they could ever hope to be!