What defines me!

Photo courtesy of AFL

Disclaimer: the purpose of this post and the blog, in essence, is not to really dissect the game/s as that is done perfectly well by others, for good or bad. There is no need for another voice to re-hash what went right and what went wrong, who stood up and who just didn’t perform. That is not what this blog and my voice’s intention. But I do allude to the game, so please do not carry on about the way the team played, or who should go, stay, be dropped etc. etc.; I’ll leave that to others.

What defines us as a group, a team, and even a person is what footprint we leave as we pass by. What imprint in our world do we want others to perceive? While this is a rather philosophical statement, it rings so very true when it comes to being a supporter of the Carlton FC.

As a supporter, our definition is to support, and our footprint is how we show that support. Sure we can vent, voice our frustration, but the footprint we leave must, in the end, be one that supports. As a collective of supporters, what defines us is not vitriol, name-calling or even advocating sacking, but standing behind those that literally want to achieve success. Still, sometimes this success takes a road that is fraught with pitfalls and holes, mountains to climb, and obstacles to get over. If the aim of your support entails the diatribe of name-calling, advocating sacking, and want the players to read that and to be swayed to do something, then what defines you is negativity which leads to loss of confidence, and therefore performance. The constant barrage of negativity produces negativity. It does not inspire a poor performance to get turned around.

Now I am not saying in any way that the performance over the weekend in the last quarter should be seen as anything positive, but lessons will be and must be learned. It is not up to us nor the media to dictate how those lessons should play out. We do not know everything that a player is going through, and we must not come to a conclusion based on what we see on the surface.

I was disappointed and frustrated by the end of the game, but what defines me as a supporter is to switch off the white noise from the media, who really think they know it all. Who believe that they aim to illustrate an insight that we, the supporters and viewing and listening public, want to hear. To be honest, that is, well, bullshit. They have no more insight or understanding of any club unless it comes directly from that club or person.

What defines the media is their need for ratings and headlines. That is it. They are not knowledgeable, nor insightful, and to be perfectly honest, do not really understand the goings-on at Carlton, even if that person was once a Carlton great.

What defines you as a listener, reader, or viewer is what do you want to take from the media? Do you want validation, confirmation, or acceptance that their truth is the truth? Do you want to be someone who defines what is happening at Carlton, being the absolute guarantee of what is and will be happening by taking what the media say as gospel? Is that what defines you as a supporter? Because it does not define me, it never will.

Supporters of any club, anywhere, in any sport, is their undying passion for that club. An example is what happened in England when the fans of Liverpool FC protested about being included into the now defunct European Super League. What defines them and any supporter, is not the spouting that they will tear up and burn their membership and hope that the club will listen to them and them only. What defines a supporter is the one who will probably swear profanities, but at the end of the game, will be frustrated, but will turn up again for the next game, showing their support. That is what defines a supporter, and that is what must define us Carlton supporters.

I do not want to hear about how after twenty years, we have achieved nothing when those twenty years have been fraught with sackings, hiring’s, more sackings, more hiring’s, more sackings and more hiring’s. What will define the club moving forward is putting their footprint firmly on the ground and saying no more. No more sackings, no more instability and no more disunity.

What will define the club will be its ability to keep going on that path to success, no matter the obstacles they face or even play out. What will define a supporter will be the footprint they leave by supporting the club. By turning up a week after a loss and cheering them on again. What will define a supporter will be one who doesn’t sink to the level of name-calling, asking for sackings, thinking that they themselves have the same insight into what is going on better than anyone else. What will define a supporter is the one who is prepared to say with pride after a loss; yep, I am a Carlton supporter and damned proud of it.

Let the footprint of your support be the one that follows the club’s, because no matter what, in the end, we will climb that hill and reach the pinnacle. That is what defines me as a supporter. GO BLUES!