Not the End of the World!

So far Carlton has had its share of injured players.  My rationale is that I would rather players have injuries now rather than during the season.  This may not the best run-up to the start of the season, but except for Docherty, the injuries are not ones that will put a great big hole in […]

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Members Forum 2018

The night started off with an introduction from Mark LoGuidice which included a statement that this was not the AGM and so topics relating to that such as the financial state of the club would not be discussed.  He then went through the club’s 2018 season, the changes in the club and the introduction of […]

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So the trade period has ended and Carlton came out with four new players to add to the current list.  We know who they are and what they will bring to the team.  Yet for some, it seems that SOS and his team failed – miserably. That Carlton is the laughing stock of the AFL.  […]