Dear Carlton FC…All of US!

Dear Carlton FC, the entire club – Admins, Board, Coaches, Players, Members, Supporters. Adversity confronts all of us at one stage or another, sometimes multiple times. How you deal with it and overcome it is a testament to a person’s ability to rise above adversity. To become resilient and resolute in facing their adversity with […]

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Five Points!

Let me say this straight off. I am under no illusion as to where the club is at the moment and where it will end up by the end of the season. I don’t expect us to light up the season this year, as I expect us to grow and develop our playing group and […]

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What defines me!

Disclaimer: the purpose of this post and the blog, in essence, is not to really dissect the game/s as that is done perfectly well by others, for good or bad. There is no need for another voice to re-hash what went right and what went wrong, who stood up and who just didn’t perform. That […]

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Dear Carlton FC Players

Dear Carlton FC Players I just want to relate something to you about me, as a supporter and the club that I love so much. When I arrived in Australia, from England, I saw this exciting game which I did not know about nor understand, but I loved it. I started following Carlton FC because […]

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Racism of any form is insidious, baseless, disgusting and shows an actual lack of intelligence. To think that making fun of someone because of the color of their skin, their ethnic background and even their religion show that the person making the “comment” has no, well, class.  Then, to publish the comments on social media […]


We’re Back Baby!

The anticipation felt by all supporters who attended their first Victorian game for over 15 months was palpable. I know it was for me. Getting ready to head to the G was surreal. As I packed my bag, got out my top, it all seemed like it was an out-of-body experience. Entering the ground, finding […]

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