The task of who will coach the Carlton FC for 2020 has bee heating up with the hashtag of #Teague2020 gaining momentum and support from not only fans but players as well. I watched on AFL 360 David Teague chatting to the hosts and facing questions from them not only about the state of the […]

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Fairy Story Tellers!

Sit back, make yourself comfortable, maybe grab a hot drink, some biscuits to dunk, because I want to take you into the land of fairy stories. A land where things may seem real. Where you will be told amazing tales. Be aware though, not all are real and not all of it is true. Yet you […]

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Compare the Pair!

This weekend has been a catalyst moment not only for Carlton but for the AFL as well. The issue of the stadiums monitoring fan behavior took front and center of the AFL world with the proliferation of not only fan discontent but with commentators and the media pulling up the AFL and stadiums about this. […]

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