Gutted! Angry! But…

After the debacle of a match on Sunday, I have been struggling to understand the ‘why?’. Why did it happen given the previous matches? I just sat there with others and we just could not understand what was happening. Given the response by the club and the team, I know that they are feeling just […]

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Dear Carlton Football Club…

Dear Carlton Football Club   Together with my fellow Victorian Carlton Cheer Squad crew, a few of us travelled to Launceston to the game against Hawthorn, who had won only two games.  We were privileged to have the Carlton supporter group from Tasmania in our midst and it was with great excitement and anticipation that […]

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I Learned Six Things on Sunday!

I learned six things from Sunday’s match. Well not actually learned, but witnessing defining moments that I have firmly believed in for a while.  You can agree, disagree but they are really undeniable, in my view. 1 – Jack Silvagni. I have always felt that Jack has been under the microscope of his surname and […]

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It’s been a while since I last wrote and this is only because of one factor – I was sick and it was not from Carlton’s performance, far from it.  The game against Sydney, I watched from the comfort of home even though I much rather have been at the game, but it did allow […]

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