Eddie Betts’s interview on AFL 360 on Tuesday night was profound, emotional and downright…correct. His powerful statement has resonated around Australia and for the most part, people have not only have supported him, but have more of an understanding of the insidious nature of discrimination. I listened to the morning show on SEN where the […]

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That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling!

When you wake up on a Sunday morning and you get this warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with a win that not many thought would happen – but it did! We all knew that playing against Geelong in Geelong was going to be a tough match and given our performance last week, we had to […]

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No more silence!

The footy started this past week and while we, the fans could not be there for the games, it was great to see it back. But what has tarnished this great game of ours and the re-start of the season was the racist attack on one of footy’s greats – Mr Eddie Betts. I could […]

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Golden Opportunity Here!

The Covid19 has thrown not only a spanner in the works of the AFL season – both men and women, it has thrown a rather large, dynamite filled drum the size of Thor’s hammer, in the works.  With the AFL playing the first round with no supporters, it made for a rather soulless atmosphere of […]

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Without a doubt, this Covid-19 virus has sent the world into shock, disbelief and we are all now facing a future that is not only uncertain but dramatically changed…forever.  The way the powers-that-be handle this situation will be a testament to how we, as a nation, will recover and re-grow from this. When the first […]

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While one season started, sweltering under the summer sun, The joys that this brought can never be undone. Seeing the girls in all their mastery, and majestic ways, Made us all the more excited for the middle of March, and the start of AFL days. It begins on the Sunday before, filled with excitement and […]


The Return of Eddie!

Without a doubt, the return of the irrefutable dynamic footy player, Mr Eddie Betts, has been met with mixed reactions, but on the whole, ones that are positive at the very least. If you watch the videos that Carlton has put online, you cannot help but be moved by what this means not only to […]

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When the news came that AFL legend, Danny Frawley died in a car crash, the footy world as a whole, went into shock. The image of the car wreck hit the very core of every footy fan across the spectrum of the footy world.  Also, this week we saw the unveiling of the statue of […]

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