Imagine this…

You bought a car, a second-hand car, it is flashy, shiny and works wonderfully.  You take it to the mechanics after a few months, because something isn’t quite right with it.  He tells you that you just need an oil change and some minor servicing.  So, you do that.  You drive away, the car running […]

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A line drawn…footy/football!

In the past few days, we have seen two quite remarkable headlines.  One from the Tottenham Hotspurs English Football Club and their incredible win over Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League and the statement made by Patrick Cripps. Crippa went on the radio and has said has “immense loyalty to the Blues”.  He has stated […]

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Gutted! Angry! But…

After the debacle of a match on Sunday, I have been struggling to understand the ‘why?’. Why did it happen given the previous matches? I just sat there with others and we just could not understand what was happening. Given the response by the club and the team, I know that they are feeling just […]

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