Dear Mr Kreuzer…

Dear Mr Matthew Kruezer The heart and soul of any organisation, no matter if it is a business, school or a sporting team, is what one person can bring to the organisation. In footy, especially Carlton, there has always been those players that step through the doors at Ikon Park, bringing with them heart and […]

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What A Ride!

I sit down and strap myself in – waiting. The equipment checked, making sure all is in place. A button pushed. The sound of motion reverberates, and screams and yells echo. It has begun. It starts slow, laborious and disappointing. Then momentum begins, and fear takes hold. Then you rise, and as you do, you […]

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The match against GWS started with that small tingle of hope, and by the last quarter, the legs got weary, the mind got foggy and tired, and stamina oozed out of the pores from sweat. The players couldn’t hold on or make any real dent in our once third-quarter lead. I’m a “half-glass” full person, […]

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The sheer disappointment we are all feeling today runs deep into our veins. We can handle most things, but losing to Collingwood (and Essendon for that matter), cuts deeper. It’s a rivalry that began in the late 19th Century and is one that still permeates the very soul of every supporter today, and after listening […]

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Wow! Just WOW!

Every Carlton (and Fremantle) supporter tuned in, watched and read with zealous every single word, picture and video of the amazingness of that Carlton win on the weekend, irrespective of whether they were thrilled or angry.  The debate has been epic regarding the validity of the initial down-the- ground, free-kick, the place and who took […]

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I Am At Peace…

As a precursor, let me be frank about this. This is my view, my opinion and my outlook. I don’t expect some to agree and that is their right. However, I do expect that my view and opinion is respected even if it does differ from some, as that is their right, as I would […]

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We Need More Time…

The AFL has come out and stated the Grand Final may not be in Melbourne. It has been suggested to actually hold it in the states that have so far, supported the game by allowing teams to be ensconced in their states in the form of “hubs”. In that respect, the states have been incredible. The […]

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